The Evolve Acceleration Program

Learn 1-on-1 under the guidance of a World Champion

The Evolve Acceleration Program (TEAP) is your unique opportunity to learn martial arts 1-on-1 under the tutelage of a World Champion. The program is designed to accelerate your learning beyond that which you would achieve in regular training. It is the fastest way to reach your goals in the shortest amount of time. TEAP is beneficial for everyone. It can be used to improve your strengths, target your weaknesses, or simply increase your fitness and health levels. Each program is highly customizable to the individual’s objectives.

Our world renowned instructor team at Evolve MMA is the largest and most experienced team in Asia. Together, they represent 1,000 years of championship experience. The Evolve Acceleration Program is the product of this world championship experience. Many of the methodologies and techniques utilized in the TEAP program are concurrent with the training methods of the Evolve Fight Team, Asia’s number one professional fight team.

For those interested in The Evolve Acceleration Program, we generally recommend starting with a package of multiple training sessions. Depending on your individual schedule and objectives, we can recommend a suitable package and instructor. Each session runs for one full hour. During this session, you will work directly 1-on-1 with your instructor.

Many students choose to use TEAP for a single martial arts discipline such as Muay Thai or BJJ. However, we also have students that use TEAP across all the different disciplines available at Evolve MMA.

The Evolve Acceleration Program Instructors



  • Customized program for your unique body type and skill level
  • Mastery of techniques in a chosen discipline
  • Magnify your strengths
  • Uncover and improve your weaknesses
  • Real world self-defense skills
  • Preparation for elite competitions
  • Smash through physical and mental plateaus
  • Feedback and analysis from a World Champion
  • Scientific approach to training
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"Evolve is legit. The training and knowledge is outstanding. There is no shortage of World Champs there."

Dan Henderson

Strikeforce and Pride World Champion
"The World Champions and the quality of fighters they have here at Evolve, it's unlike anything else in the world. I am very humbled by this whole experience. I feel like a white belt next to all these champions."

Henry Cejudo

Olympic Gold Medalist, UFC Flyweight Title Contender
Tyron Woodley
"The knowledge here at Evolve MMA is unreal. I have learned so much from all of the different World Champions. I’ve never seen so many World Champions under one roof in my life!"

Tyron Woodley

UFC #3 Welterweight Contender

Ideal Student

  • Martial artists of all backgrounds
  • Students of all skill levels, backgrounds, genders, ages, and fitness levels.
  • Students looking to greatly accelerate their learning
  • Aspiring fighters and mixed martial artists
  • Professional martial artists

  • Evolve MMA (Far East Square)
  • Evolve MMA (Orchard Central)
  • Evolve MMA (KINEX)
  • Evolve MMA (Star Vista)
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