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World Champion
Chaowalit Jocky Gym

Instructor Profile

Chaowalit Jocky Gym is an Instructor for Muay Thai and Boxing at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts in Singapore. He is a 3 time Muay Thai World Champion. He is a Rajdamnern Stadium World Champion, Thailand National Champion, and WMC World Champion. He is an elite professional fighter with a fight record of 172-34. With over 21 years of professional fighting experience at Rajdamnern Stadium, Lumpinee Stadium and other stadiums around the world, his style is a ferocious blend of beautiful kicks and elbows. His favorite techniques are the cartwheel kick, the high roundhouse kick, and the flying push kick.

Chaowalit is a certified Muay Thai instructor from the famous Jocky Gym in Thailand.

Fighter Profile

The Giant Killer
16 May 1983
184 cm / 70 kilos
172 - 34
Bangkok, Thailand
  • 3 time Muay Thai World Champion
  • Won championships at Rajdamnern Stadium, Thailand Nationals, and WMC.
  • Favorite techniques: cartwheel kick, high roundhouse kick, and flying push kick
Chaowalit Jocky Gym

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Quick facts on Chaowalit Jocky Gym

  • Chaowalit started Muay Thai when he was only 6 years old.
  • Aside from Muay Thai, Chaowalit enjoys playing football and sepak takraw.
  • Chaowalit was inspired to become a Muay Thai fighter by his uncle, who is also a Muay Thai fighter.
  • Chaowalit believes that a big heart is the most important quality of a Muay Thai champion.
  • Chaowalit is the tallest World Champion Muay Thai instructor at Evolve MMA.
  • Instead of giving up after his first few losses, Chaowalit persevered to become a 3 time World Champion.

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