The world class boxing program at Evolve MMA is led by WBA Boxing World Champion Yodsanan Sityodtong, who is one of the most famous boxers in Thailand’s history. During his accomplished boxing career, Yodsanan amassed a professional record of 58-3-1 with 47 knockouts, earning him the nickname “Little Tyson”.

Yodsanan has brought his world championship experience and knowledge to Evolve MMA, and he has developed one of the best boxing programs in Asia. Whether you’re a complete beginner, casual practitioner, or experienced professional, our boxing program can help you to achieve your goals.

We offer multiple boxing classes throughout the day, 7 days a week. We also have boxing sparring sessions for more advanced students.

Boxing Instructors



  • Authentic Boxing instructors and World Champions
  • You can train 7 days a week unlimited
  • Maximize fat loss with a great martial arts workout
  • Seminars conducted by Boxing World Champions
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Boxing For Beginners

Students can expect to learn basic boxing techniques, proper stance, and basic footwork at Evolve Vacation’s beginner program. Our Boxing World Champions will build students’ boxing foundation by focusing on basic punches such as the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. Students will also get to learn how to execute basic combinations and defense techniques with pad work.

The Boxing beginner program is a great way for students to build up their cardiovascular endurance and stamina while gaining a solid foundation in boxing. Our World Champion instructors will adjust the pace of their training sessions according to each student’s needs; so all beginners, including those with no prior boxing experience, are welcome.

Who is it for

  • Absolute beginners to Boxing
  • Boxing practitioners looking to review and perfect the fundamentals
  • Aspiring and current mixed martial artists
  • Martial arts enthusiasts
  • Fitness enthusiasts

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Boxing For Intermediate Students

Students can take their boxing skills to the next level in Evolve Vacation’s intermediate program, where our Boxing World Champions would teach them more advanced combinations and defense techniques. The objective of this program is for students to eventually fuse these offensive and defensive skills into a smooth, fluid style.

At this level, students should have some experience in boxing and a clear understanding of basic techniques. They will also have the option of participating in sparring sessions, where they can put their boxing skills to the test. This program is ideal for those who wish to improve in their striking, and eventually enter competitions.

Who is it for

  • Experienced Boxing practitioners (level 2 +)
  • Boxing practitioners looking to learn more advanced techniques
  • Aspiring and current mixed martial artists
  • Aspiring Boxing competitors
  • Fitness enthusiasts with a background in Boxing

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Boxing For Intermediate And Advanced Students

At the Evolve Vacation advanced program for boxing, training sessions are more intense, and designed for seasoned practitioners who are prepared to learn high level techniques.

Our World Champion instructor team will teach students advanced offensive and defensive techniques, which they can add on to their arsenal of boxing techniques. Professional fighters who are looking to elevate their striking game are welcome to train at the advanced program.

Who is it for

  • Experienced Boxing practitioners
  • Boxing practitioners looking to learn high level techniques and concepts
  • Seasoned Boxing competitors

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Check out what others have to say about Evolve Vacation Training Program.

"The World Champions and the quality of fighters they have here at Evolve, it's unlike anything else in the world. I am very humbled by this whole experience. I feel like a white belt next to all these champions."

Henry Cejudo

Olympic Gold Medalist, UFC Flyweight Title Contender
"The number of World Champions at Evolve is unreal. That's why I fly halfway across the world to have my full training camps there."

Rich Franklin

UFC World Champion
"In all of my years in martial arts, I have not seen a more accomplished team than the world championship team at Evolve MMA. I’ve had the pleasure of training extensively at Evolve, and have even sent UFC Champions to Evolve to prepare for their upcoming fights. Evolve ranks among the very best in history."

Matt “The Wizard” Hume

MMA Legend

Ideal Student

  • Boxing practitioners of all levels
  • Aspiring and current mixed martial artists
  • Martial arts enthusiasts
  • Fitness enthusiasts

  • Evolve MMA (Far East Square)
  • Evolve MMA (Orchard Central)
  • Evolve MMA (KINEX)
  • Evolve MMA (Clarke Quay Central)
  • Evolve MMA (Star Vista)
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