Evolve MMA is home to one of Asia’s premier wrestling programs. Our program is based on a functional combination of Greco-Roman, Freestyle, and Folkstyle wrestling. Led by US Olympian and 6 time US National Champion Heath Sims, it is the only wrestling program in Asia to boast an instructor team featuring Olympic and NCAA Division 1 wrestlers on a full time basis.

The wrestling classes focus on Freestyle and Folkstyle leg attack takedowns as well as Greco-Roman style upper body throws and clinch work. Our program caters to all levels of wrestlers from complete beginners to experienced competitors. We also place a strong focus on wrestling for MMA, and we teach techniques that transfer well to MMA and BJJ competition.

Wrestling Instructors



  • Authentic Olympic and NCAA Division 1 wrestling instructors from the US
  • Rigorous, world-class curriculum based on US Olympic Wrestling Team
  • Learn wrestling for MMA
  • Compete in local and international wrestling competitions
  • Maximize fat loss with a great martial arts workout
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Wrestling For Beginners

Being a physically demanding martial art, wrestling will improve students’ endurance, cardio, strength, and agility. At Evolve Vacation’s beginner program, our Wrestling World Champions will teach students wrestling fundamentals, such as takedowns, pins, stance, and escapes.

Who is it for

  • Absolute beginners to wrestling
  • Wrestling practitioners looking to review and perfect the fundamentals
  • Aspiring and current mixed martial artists
  • Martial arts enthusiasts
  • Fitness enthusiasts

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Wrestling For Intermediate And Advanced Students

Once students have perfected their basics, they can take their wrestling skills to the next level at Evolve Vacation’s intermediate and advanced program.

Tailored by our World Champions for more experienced students, this program would teach students advanced wrestling techniques, escapes, offense, and defense which can be used in sparring and competition. They will also pick up finer details so as to perfect their takedowns and ground control.

This program is ideal for aspiring wrestling competitors or mixed martial artists looking to elevate their game.

Who is it for

  • Experienced wrestling practitioners
  • Wrestling practitioners looking to learn more advanced techniques
  • Aspiring and current mixed martial artists
  • Aspiring wrestling competitors
  • Fitness enthusiasts with a background in wrestling

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"The World Champions and the quality of fighters they have here at Evolve, it's unlike anything else in the world. I am very humbled by this whole experience. I feel like a white belt next to all these champions."

Henry Cejudo

Olympic Gold Medalist, UFC Flyweight Title Contender
"Evolve is legit. The training and knowledge is outstanding. There is no shortage of World Champs there."

Dan Henderson

Strikeforce and Pride World Champion
Tyron Woodley
"The knowledge here at Evolve MMA is unreal. I have learned so much from all of the different World Champions. I’ve never seen so many World Champions under one roof in my life!"

Tyron Woodley

UFC #3 Welterweight Contender

Ideal Student

  • All levels of wrestlers from beginner to advanced
  • Aspiring and current mixed martial artists
  • Martial arts enthusiasts
  • Fitness enthusiasts

  • Evolve MMA (Far East Square)
  • Evolve MMA (Orchard Central)
  • Evolve MMA (KINEX)
  • Evolve MMA (Clarke Quay Central)
  • Evolve MMA (Star Vista)
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