5 Reasons Why Georges St-Pierre Might Be MMA’s Greatest Of All Time

Jon Jones? Anderson Silva? Demetrious Johnson? Fedor Emelianenko?

The discussion surrounding the greatest mixed martial artist of all time is still an open one, to many. After all, pitting the greatest standout fighters in the history of MMA – and comparing their individual achievements – is a fun exercise. More than this, it allows us to remind ourselves of the skills, attributes, and values that are most important when it comes to separating the best of the best.

For a number of reasons, a high number of MMA fans around the world see no other candidate for the crown of the Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T) than Canadian super legend, Georges St-Pierre. To students of mixed martial arts, the UFC two-weight world champion simply ticks all the boxes.

To celebrate Georges St-Pierre’s upcoming seminar at Evolve MMA in Singapore on 9 March 2019, Evolve Vacation takes a look at 5 reasons for arguing this special fighter’s case as the best to ever do it.

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1) The Consummate Professional

One of the most admirable qualities of Georges St-Pierre is the former champion’s ultra-professionalism.

While other G.O.A.T candidates and superstars of the sport have suffered some form of controversy outside the cage, “Rush” has his reputation intact. Fighters like Jon Jones and Anderson Silva – perhaps the other two of the trio regarded as the best to ever do it – have both suffered more than one suspension for the alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs.

St-Pierre might have all but missed the peak of the “trash talk era” that was spearheaded by Conor McGregor – other than his fight against Michael Bisping – but he was a dominant champion with a target on his back. As such, he was subject to the smack talk and mind games of his opponents. Regardless of what came his way, GSP always took the high road and remained the consummate professional.


2) Avenging All Losses

Is it a requirement of the G.O.A.T to avenge their losses? We’re not entirely sure that it is. However, there is no doubt that it helps when arguing a fighter’s case.

It must be said that St-Pierre is hardly a fighter that has ever had to swallow the cold, bitter taste of defeat too many times. Thus, losses were not as much of a feature for the Canadian legend as other fighters. The impressive thing here is that the rare times when GSP did drop a loss, he ensured to avenge it.

In 2004, St-Pierre was granted a shot at the vacant welterweight title against the welterweight icon and former dominant champion, Matt Hughes. Although he would lose that night, two years later, GSP would knock Hughes out to win his first title under the UFC banner.

In his first defense of the UFC title, St-Pierre was shockingly knocked out by the unfancied Matt Serra. This loss was avenged, almost one year to the week, in April 2007, with St-Pierre stopping Serra to embark on the greatest run in the history of the welterweight division. He would never lose another fight.


3) A Member of the UFC Two-Weight Champion Club


In November 2017, St-Pierre returned to the UFC in a middleweight title bout against then-champion, Michael Bisping.

St-Pierre slapped a rear-naked choke on the Brit that night to join an illustrious and exclusive club of two-weight UFC world champions. As it stands, GSP – along with Randy Couture, B.J. Penn, Conor McGregor, Daniel Cormier, and Amanda Nunes – are the only fighters to have won titles in separate weight classes in the promotion.

The fight was also GSP’s first (and last) at middleweight.


4) His Caliber of Opponents

There is no doubt that St-Pierre has one of the most impressive resumes among the greats.

Considering his wins over the likes of Matt Hughes, B.J. Penn, Nick Diaz, Jake Shields, Johny Hendricks, Josh Koscheck, Sean Sherk, Matt Serra, Carlos Condit, Jason Miller, and, of course, Bisping, GSP’s dominance in the sport is really something. At a time when the 170-pound division was absolutely stacked with talent, the Canadian legend ruled the roost.

Over the space of five years, St-Pierre found a way to beat every challenger in the UFC’s welterweight division. Having gone as far as he felt he could – and with an increasing concern in the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the sport – Georges St-Pierre walked away from the UFC while well and truly at the top.


5) The Ultimate Mixed Martial Artist


Georges St-Pierre features frequently in the all-time stats lists in the UFC.

For example, his 90 takedowns are a record in the promotion. His 20 wins see him at joint-second in the all-time victories list. His striking and striking defense stats are also among the best ever seen in the UFC. More than anything, what this serves to prove, is that “Rush” is one of the most well-rounded athletes to have ever stepped into the Octagon.

Well, of course, we already knew that. Having the numbers to back things up only helps to solidify this argument.

Cultured fans and fellow fighters alike know that, behind St-Pierre’s exceptional career, lay a deep-seated professionalism and dedication like no other. Always in shape and mentally strong, GSP also ensured that he worked with the best of the best in trainers and coaches. Helping the Canadian strengthen his game were the likes of Firas Zahabi, Greg Jackson, Freddie Roach, Phil Nurse, and John Danaher.

St-Pierre’s hard work and dedication, however, is the glue that holds everything together. He is as well-rounded as any fighter in the history of the sport, proving – even after an absence of over four years – that he is capable of returning to the world’s premier MMA promotion and winning a world title.

There is little doubt that Georges St-Pierre is one of, if not the greatest fighter in mixed martial arts history.

Why not get up close and personal with one of the greatest athletes in combat sports history this March? You can find details of Georges St-Pierre’s seminar at Evolve MMA, below:

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