3 Of The Most Fearsome Muay Thai Elbow Fighters Of All Time 

Muay Thai is the most complete striking art known to man. This discipline enables fighters to train and control the human body’s most effective tools to create brutal weapons of mass destruction. Practitioners of the fastest growing sport in the world—mixed martial arts—rely heavily on the weapons of Muay Thai as they move through the ranks toward championship status.

Thailand’s national sport is among the most important martial arts on the planet. Known as the “Art of Eight Limbs,” many casual fans and observers are drawn to one particular strike—the elbow. An effective weapon, an elbow can bludgeon an opponent like no other strike. Thai fighters simply do it better than anyone else.

Then again, some Nak Muays do it better than their peers. Throughout the history of Muay Thai, a number of fighters have relied on the elbow more than others. They have become renowned for their ability to strike with venom, using the joint with cold precision. Below, we take a look at a number of the best elbow fighters in Muay Thai history.


Muangthai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym

Muangthai is renowned as one of the deadliest elbow strikers ever to set foot inside a ring. He has almost patented the ability to brutalize opponents with a series of angular elbows that blast away the competition. He is a fighter who is more interested in putting on a show than hiding behind his reservations, and anything can happen when this man steps foot in the ring.

A Muay Thai World Champion, Muangthai’s style has brought him considerable success in Muay Thai. Although he has lost many times along the way, there is no doubt that he deserves mention due to his excellent ability with the elbows. For any young fighter hoping to improve their elbow game, there are plenty of tricks that can be learned from watching Muangthai in action.

You can see some footage of Muangthai above, which might help you develop stronger elbows in your Muay Thai game.


Karuhat Sor Supawan

If you are as crazy as we are about Muay Thai, there is a very good chance that you will have seen some footage of Karhuhat’s famous bout with Samorankot Sor. Ploenjit. The video, which can be seen above, shows Karuhat jumping on his opponent before using his body as a ladder strike with an elbow from above. It is an incredible piece of footage that shows his ingenuity.

Karuhat was one of the most exciting fighters from the “Golden Age” of Muay Thai. His all-around abilities were incredible, but it was his elbow game that has brought him onto this list. A multiple-time Lumpinee World Champion, his incredible dexterity and fluidity were often punctuated by an intense brutality with his elbows. This man could fight and was certainly no novice when it came to cracking an elbow or two.

Check out this footage of an intriguing bout between Karuhat Sor Supawan and Samorankot Sor. Ploenjit. Eager practitioners could learn a few tips from watching him in action.


Sak Kaoponlek

Sak Kaoponlek is a fighter who was very successful in the sport of Muay Thai. Born in Thailand in 1977, he would go on to enjoy an incredible career. With six Muay Thai world championships, both the Lumpinee (x2) and Rajadamnern titles, and the honor of being named Thailand’s Fighter of the Year in 1995, Sak Kaoponlek pretty much did it all at a time when the competition was of a very high level.

One of the most important weapons Sak relied on was his various elbow strikes. An expert in using the joints to maximum effect, many of his knockouts came by way of brutal elbows. A typical highlight reel of Sak footage online is absolutely filled with elbow stoppages and knockouts, but he was far from being a one-trick pony.

Sak Kaoponlek is simply one of the best elbow fighters to have ever stepped foot inside the ropes. Check out the video above and pick up a few technical tips to help you on your way.


There is simply no attack in close combat that can rival Muay Thai elbows. Whether it is on your feet or locked in a clinch, if you find space to throw elbows, they can be devastating. Given that the right technique is required to build enough power to cause maximum damage, it always pays to study the greats and learn from them.

One of the most valuable things about elbows is that they do not require a great amount of space. The right posture and execution can turn even the slightest elbow strike into a weapon that can be used to not only slash an opponent but also potentially knock them out cold.


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