Visiting Evolve MMA in Singapore

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Your Evolve Vacation pass gives you access to a host of dining deals, so you can munch on healthy food and enjoy 20% savings on your meals!

Club Meatballs

Club Meatballs specializes in the humble meatball. Our menu is a “choose your own adventure” of sorts where you decide what meatballs you want, what to put them on, and what sauce to have them with. Our chef is from Spain, so you will see many influences from that part of the world! We also have a killer street-side bar with amazing drinks, and the best coffee in town by our elder brother Sarnies.

Platypus (China Square)

A modern food bar for those on the go. Platypus Gourmet2Go offers to-go gourmet food boxes in a variety of delectable food combinations. Choose from a wide selection of Italian and Mediterranean inspired dishes and allow us to fill up your to-go food box.

Yolo Foods

YOLO is a dynamic and healthy takeaway outlet located in Tanjong Pagar (Icon Village). Founded on the simple but powerful philosophy of “tasty food can actually be good for you”, we serve up an array of nutritionally balanced tasty meals, developed in collaboration with an in-house highly qualified nutritionist. We also feature our dishes into four different categories such as Shape-Up, Glow, Build or Energise, designed to help you #eatyourgoals.


WAFU – Japanese style of western cuisine
KEN – Kenko, which means wellness in Japanese

Here at Wafuken, we pride ourselves in serving food that not only delivers the most exquisite kind of pleasure to your taste buds, but are healthy for your bodies as well.

Our perfectly cooked meats are our pride and joy and provide for some of the juiciest chicken breasts, smoothest, silkiest salmon fillets, and most tantalizing steaks you’ll ever find.

We achieve this perfection through Sous-vide (Su-vee) cooking all our proteins. And while Sous-vide cooked food is usually only found in gourmet restaurants, here at Wafuken, we provide it to everyone at affordable prices and fast service.


We know how hard you work out & you don’t want to screw up all that hard work by eating fast food or food that’s served as a factory chain. Epicurean, wholesome healthy meals starting from our Protein packed breakfast sets to our Paleo inspired protein bars & unique Open Faced Sandwiches for those late afternoon snacks to our balanced & nutrients packed meal box is what we do best.
We pride in our flavorful yet healthy proteins such as Coconut crusted Salmon fillets, Rosemary marinated Turkey breast, melt in your mouth Swedish meatballs, Ginger & Mixed Herb roasted Chicken breasts, etc. served with a variety of complex carbs, grains, scandilicious sides & home made sauces to get your crazy lunch & dinner slots packed with the right amount of vitamins, that your body needs to get through your gruelling work & exercise routine.

Each of our be-spoke meals is made on the spot & has an enriched mix of lean meats, Omega 3 laden fish produce, organic poultry, “straight from the farm” vegetables along with nuts & seeds to give you the nutrients you need to fuel up.
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