How To Combat A Muay Femur Stylist

Often regarded as the style that truly represents all that is beautiful about the art of eight limbs – the Muay Femur style is without question the style that requires the highest degree of skill to master and execute effectively. Which is why a large majority of the greatest Muay Thai fighters throughout history are exceptional Muay Femur stylists; never failing to dazzle and entertain fans with their proficiency in all of the weapons and techniques available to a nak muay.

But while Muay Femurs can be incredibly entertaining and impressive for those watching – for the fighter who actually has to go up against a Muay Femur stylist, it can and probably will be one of the toughest and most challenging styles that fighter will ever have to deal with in the ring.

However, as history has shown time and time again, the task of conquering a Muay Femur is not impossible. With the right approach and a smart game plan appropriate to a fighter’s adopted style, there’s no doubt he or she will be able to succeed in this frustrating task of taking on a Muay Femur.

And if you’re looking for help in dealing with a Muay Femur fighter in Muay Thai, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a more detailed look at How To Combat A Muay Femur Stylist.


Consideration: The Style You Are Using

As you progress in your journey as a Muay Thai practitioner – training and sparring more often – you’ll find yourself gravitating towards and developing a style that works best for you. Every style, however unique, can be generally categorized under the three common, yet distinct styles of Muay Thai. The three styles are the Muay Mat, Muay Khao, and of course, the Muay Femur styles.

In going up against a Muay Femur stylist, it is crucial that you first understand the style that you are using. Doing so will not only allow you to better understand how your style can be used effectively against a Muay Femur, but also against any other style you ever have to deal with in the ring.

In other words, there is no one set answer or approach to facing a Muay Femur; what works against a Muay Femur for one fighter doesn’t necessarily mean it would work for another. Whether you’re a Muay Mat, Muay Khao or Muay Femur fighter – you have to find out what is the best approach for your style.

For example, if you are a Muay Mat fighter, you shouldn’t fully rely on an approach used by a Muay Femur or Muay Khao fighter that was highly effective against a Muay Femur for that fighter. Though it would be beneficial to take into consideration what was good about that approach, you should always look to examples set by other Muay Mats who have been successful in dealing with a Muay Femur as the approach and techniques used by him/her would very likely come more naturally to you.


Consideration: The Type of Muay Femur You Are Facing

Because every fighter is unique, every Muay Femur you face in the ring will very likely be different from the last. It goes without saying that while Muay Femurs are known to excel in all the weapons of the Muay Thai, some will excel more in certain areas and not as much in others. This is because every fighter’s body and mind are built and trained differently.

Which also means that you should always try to find out the type of Muay Femur you are taking on. Understanding the type of Muay Femur you’re facing will help you shape your game plan and approach against that particular Muay Femur.

For example, if you know that the Muay Femur you are facing has shown a level of weakness in his ability to fight moving backwards or against the ropes, then pressing forward with effective aggression would definitely be an approach worth considering. But if the Muay Femur thrives in a situation where he’s forced to fight moving backwards, then perhaps you should play it smart and let him/her come to you instead.

Applying the first two considerations listed in this article will also no doubt help you greatly in applying the tips provided below to help you combat a Muay Femur stylist.


Tip: Staying Calm & Avoiding Frustration

Staying calm and not letting yourself get frustrated is important in any combat sport regardless of what style of fighter you’re facing. Letting your emotions get the better of you hinders your mind and ability to perform both mentally and physically; which can be incredibly detrimental especially against a Muay Femur.

The Muay Femur style is one based on exceptional technical ability and movement. The difficulty of catching a Muay Femur can undoubtedly be challenging and frustrating, and the Muay Femurs thrive on that. One of the intentions of the style is to lure you into over-committing to a strike or to cause you to lose yourself in frustration. And if the Muay Femur succeeds, one well-placed counter is all it takes to put an end to your efforts for the fight.

This is why it is especially important to keep yourself focused and calm in a fight against a Muay Femur. The more you prepare yourself for the possibility of getting frustrated, the less likely you are to fall into the traps set by the Muay Femur. Stay calm, avoid frustration, and focus on your game plan and technique. By doing this, you will have already taken away one of the greatest advantages a Muay Femur can have in a fight.


Tip: Drawing the Muay Femur In

Muay Femurs are generally more effective when they are fighting moving backwards. Their movement and elusiveness frustrate their opponents and draws them in to make mistakes and over-commit, allowing them to execute counters frequently and control the action of the fight.

However, if you are able to turn this around on the Muay Femur you are facing – forcing him/her to move in on you – you would be putting yourself in a position to be a step ahead, taking advantage of the Muay Femur’s forward pressure to land counters of your own. You can also use this to ensure that you are in a safe range away from the Muay Femur by using teeps or jabs to frustrate him/her as he/she attempts to move in.

However, it is also important to take note that timing is key to applying this tip. Good timing allows you to catch your Muay Femur opponent at the perfect moment as he/she moves in on you. If you are not yet confident in your ability to time your counters well, you might want to apply the next tip instead.

For example, if you yourself are a Muay Femur stylist, using this tip might come easy to you. But if your style is that of a Muay Khao or Muay Mat fighter, your mind and body would likely be more accustomed to pressing forward than countering on the back pedal.


Tip: Using Effective Forward Pressure & Aggression

Using effective forward pressure and aggression is perhaps one of the most common tactics against the Muay Femur. The aim is simple: to tire the Muay Femur out both mentally and physically, and to get ahead on the scorecards under the category of Determined Aggression and Ring & Action control.

However, the key to succeeding in the application of this tactic is to ensure that it is smart, patient, and effective pressure and aggression, NOT blatant, thoughtless, and over-emotional pressure and aggression. As mentioned, Muay Femurs feed on the frustration of their opponents, so it is crucial that you do not fall into this trap when fighting them.

It is also important to note, that applying this tactic successfully will require a lot of physical endurance, durability, and mental focus. Focusing on your defense while being patient for the perfect angles and opportunities to apply pressure and use your aggression is key to catching the Muay Femur off guard; which will no doubt tire him/her out eventually.


Tip: Making it Rough & Dirty

Whether it’s boxing, MMA, or Muay Thai – roughing up your opponent and making the fight a little dirty is a common approach used against the most technical fighters across any combat sport. Exceptionally technical fighters take advantage of the predictability of their opponents’ strikes to score and get ahead of them.

Roughing up technical fighters like Muay Femurs and using whatever you can around the ruleset to get ahead can not only drain the Muay Femur physically and frustrate him/her emotionally, it also takes away a lot of the predictability factor.

This can include using your gloves or forearm to press against the Muay Femurs face or block his/her vision, using your head to press against the Muay Femur’s chin in the clinch, forcing unconventional throws and landing on him/her after, and more. These practices, while considered dirty, are part and parcel of the Muay Thai fight game and undoubtedly have the potential to help you defeat a Muay Femur both mentally and physically.


Tip: Forcing the Clinch

Arguably the most effective and popular tactic against the Muay Femur is the clinch. Throughout the ancient art’s combat sport history, clinching has proven to be the average Muay Femur’s greatest weakness. And it goes without saying that Muay Khaos would excel most in this aspect.

As mentioned, Muay Femurs are most effective when allowed to move around to maintain a range appropriate for their attacks and for defense. Forcing the clinch would immediately remove this particular advantage. And while many Muay Femurs excel in the clinch as well, they definitely are no match in terms of clinch knowledge, endurance and durability compared to a Muay Khao.

If you are going to go up against a Muay Femur, it would be incredibly beneficial to invest a huge portion of your training into clinching. Being more prepared in the clinching game against a Muay Femur will allow you to suppress his/her attacks and will no doubt drain him/her physically. It would also grant you a greater level of confidence when applying effective forward pressure and aggression against the Muay Femur as well.


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