Here’s Why You Can’t Miss The Train With Legends Muay Thai Training Camp

Based in the exotic island surroundings of Singapore, EVOLVE MMA will host a truly unmissable Muay Thai event from July 23-28. This one you simply cannot miss out on.

EVOLVE MMA’s Train With Legends Muay Thai Training Camp is an exclusive and authentic Muay Thai training experience hosted in the modern 5-star facilities of Asia’s premier martial arts organization. The largest collection of this era’s most decorated and prolific Muay Thai World Champions will assemble to provide a world-class, one-week training camp. For any fighter aiming to be the best, this event should not be overlooked.

This camp is designed for those looking to be inspired to new levels and to enhance their skill-sets and proficiency levels by training under legends of the art.

1) Learn the Tricks of the Trade from the Best of Muay Thai

Your opportunity to train with the largest collection of Muay Thai World Champions on earth will give you access to some of the most effective techniques and strategies to have ever emerged from Thailand. From how to evade and counter from multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Sam-A Gaiyanghadao to expert tips on fight strategy and tactics from multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Orono Wor Petchpun, there is truly a goldmine of knowledge for any Muay Thai practitioner to tap into.

The Train With Legends Camp is an organized and structured set of training sessions which will aim to provide practitioners of all levels with the tools they need to take their game to the next level. As such, attendees will attend of a number of world-class lessons, instructions, and workshops which include:

  • Exclusive access to interactive twice a day training sessions
  • The full training experience overseen and instructed by the superstar EVOLVE Muay Thai World Champion instructor team, including Sam-A Gaiyanghadao, Nong-O Gaiyanghadao, Orono Wor Petchpun, Penek Sitnumnoi and more
  • Daily interactive pad work, clinching, and technical sparring with Muay Thai legends
  • Fundamental and advanced-level skills which will enhance their own abilities in the sport
  • Unlimited access to 700+ martial arts classes
  • The use of facilities at Asia’s premier martial arts training organization
  • An opportunity to try these techniques out with Muay Thai World Champions and other members of the camp


2) Get up Close & Personal With the Legends

The EVOLVE instructor team’s world championship pedigree is unlike any other. When you sign up for the Train With Legends Camp, you will be learning from the best of the best. It’s really that simple. Some of the Muay Thai World Champions at the week-long camp include:

Sam-A Gaiyanghadao

One of the greatest Muay Thai fighters of his generation, multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Sam-A Gaiyanghadao is known as the fastest kicker in history. This southpaw is a technical fighter with lethal kicks and elbows. He is a multiple-time Lumpinee Muay Thai World Champion and Thailand Champion. Sam-A Gaiyanghadao also recently captured the ONE Super Series Muay Thai Flyweight World Championship with a fourth-round knockout of Sergio Wielzen in Singapore in May 2018.

Nong-O Gaiyanghadao

One of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Nong-O Gaiyanghadao is a highly decorated fighter and Muay Thai master. With many titles and awards under his belt, attendees will receive instruction from a multi-division champion with several world titles to his name.

Orono Wor Petchpun

With 157 fights under his belt, multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Orono Wor Petchpun is as experienced as they come. More than this, he is one of the most astute Muay Thai World Champions of the era. Known for bringing a varied style to the ring, Orono has beaten some of the legends of the sport such as Saenchai PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym, Buakaw Banchamek, and Yodsanklai Fairtex.

Penek Sitnumnoi

Multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Penek Sitnumnoi is widely regarded as one of the most exciting Muay Thai fighters on the planet. At just 28-years-old, Penek Sitnumnoi is already one of the greatest Muay Thai World Champions of his era and has won every major world title in Muay Thai. A slick, technical fighter, Penek won the Sports Writers Association of Thailand Fighter of the Year in 2011, the most prestigious accolade in the sport. Attendees will learn how to master the skills which have made this truly special fighter a stand-out figure in the world of Muay Thai, such as the devastating head kicks which are sure to cause every future opponent of yours massive trouble.

With these World Champions, and many others, set to assume instructional duties at the camp, it is unthinkable to consider missing out on the Train with Legends Camp if you take your game seriously.


3) Immerse Yourself in the Ethereal Vibrancy of Singapore

From the moment you land in Changi Airport – which is regularly voted as the world’s best – you will know there is something special about Singapore. Although the city is fast moving and everything runs on time, there is such a delicate and wondrous relaxing quality which makes it so beautiful.

The Train with Legends Camp is also built around the understanding that hard work deserves a reward. In downtime, you will have the opportunity to explore the incredible city of Singapore, taking in the vibrancy and buzz, and sampling the extraordinary food and culture amidst a backdrop of pioneering architecture and design.

At suck sights as the Marina Bay Sands Skypark and the Lau Pa Sat Hawker Centre, you will get a first-hand experience of Singaporean culture which you will never forget.


4) Forge Long Lasting Bonds with Nak Muays from Around the World

The Train with Legends Camp is not just about learning from the best Muay Thai fighters of this generation. You will also be training with other enthusiasts from every continent, making friends and forging bonds in the process.

As a Muay Thai practitioner, it may be difficult to find other people with a similar mindset; the same level of commitment may be something you have not experienced at home. In order to become a better Muay Thai practitioner – both physically and mentally – it is important to surround yourself with those who are on the same page. At the Train with legends Camp, you will have the opportunity to meet those who share the same vision, passion, and devotion to Muay Thai as you do.


A Comprehensive Training Holiday with a Difference

The Train With Legends Camp is a week-long intensive training camp from July 23-28, 2018. As a participant of this camp, you will be under the guidance of the largest collection of Muay Thai World Champions on the planet. Not only can you expect to be pushed to your physical limits, you will also be exposed to traditional and authentic Muay Thai coaching that might just inspire you on a whole other level.

Aside from learning from some of the greatest Muay Thai legends in the world, you will also receive some pretty incredible extras when you sign up. These include:
  • Access to the EVOLVE MMA facilities and access to numerous classes
  • A trip to the top of the iconic Marina Bay Sands Skypark
  • A trip to the famous Lau Pa Sat Hawker Centre for authentic Singaporean cuisine
  • Scenic runs around the beautiful Waterfront Promenade by Marina Bay
  • Special rates from our accommodation partners
  • A complimentary EVOLVE T-Shirt

This is an incredible opportunity to learn from an incredible group of fighters in some of the most prestigious facilities on earth!


With so many reasons why you should attend the Train with Legends Camp, can you really afford to say no?


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