5 Reasons Why Yodsanklai Fairtex Is One Of The Most Feared Fighters On Earth

If fight fans had the opportunity to play God and create the greatest fighter the world had ever seen, you can bet it would have multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Yodsanklai Fairtex’s legendary left leg. The Nong Bua Lamphu Province-native has wowed everyone from dazzled spectators to his fighting peers over the course of an illustrious career that has been buoyed, in part, by the devastating power of his kicks.

Otherwise known as the “Boxing Computer,” Yodsanklai became one of the standout fighters of Muay Thai in his 16 years inside the ropes, striking fear into the hearts of his opponents in that timeframe. Although he broke the hearts of Muay Thai lovers around the world when he announced his retirement from competition in 2017, he could not stay away and is currently active again and fighting under the ONE Championship banner.

Luckily for Muay Thai aficionados in Singapore, Yodsanklai will be sharing his techniques and knowledge as he hosts a weekend Muay Thai Bootcamp at Evolve MMA on February 23 and February 24, 2019. This Yodsanklai Fairtex Muay Thai Bootcamp is guaranteed to be SOLD OUT due to limited available slots. To grab your spot now, CLICK HERE!

For those of you unaware of the 33-year-old’s reverence in the sport, here are 5 reasons why this next-level fighter demands your respect (and why you should give it to him).


1) He Is The Most Devastating Kicker On Earth

Yodsanklai has power. Serious, serious power. Whether it is in his hands or legs, the former two-time Lumpinee World Champion can end a fight in the blink of an eye. It is the sheer ferocity of his left body kick, however, that has earned him the status as the hardest kicking athlete on the planet. With possession of such a brutal weapon, it is perhaps no wonder that other fighters would be apprehensive when stepping into the ring with Yodsanklai.

Even with knowledge of this weapon, other fighters cannot stop it. Much like a powerful truck speeding down a highway towards you, you can see it, you know it is coming, but there is not a damned thing in the world that you can do to bring it to a halt. Just ask multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion John Wayne Parr, who had this to say about his former opponent:

“[Yodsanklai’s kick is] laser-guided and feels like a baseball bat. It’s pure blunt-force trauma and yet so accurate. He can hit a 2-3cm radius time after time after time. The power of that kick sends a massive shock through you. There’s really nothing like it and I’ve fought Buakaw, whose kicks are faster, though not as hard!”


2) He Is The “Boxing Computer”

When a fighter has such dominating power, the presumption is that they require no skill or technical understanding of the sport. In Yodsanklai’s case, the opposite is true. This special fighter is so technically gifted that he is named the “Boxing Computer” out of respect. His ability to carry himself so effectively and cerebrally – demonstrating a high-level skill set in addition to earth-shattering power – made his transition from Muay Thai to kickboxing almost seamless.

One of the greatest technical aspects Yodsanklai possesses is his ability to read his opponent. By absorbing everything from a fighter’s rhythm to his proclivity to throw harder shots when under pressure, Yodsanklai could break him down piece by piece before destroying him with that power.


3) He Is A Multiple-Weight World Champion

You don’t put together a run of 276 fights with 201 wins without having some serious staying power. Likewise, becoming a two-weight Lumpinee World Champion as well as the WBC World Champion isn’t something that any average fighter can achieve. As well as the aforementioned titles, Yodsanklai is also known as the first ever The Contender Asia Champion and has also won titles in a plethora of other organizations and promotions.

Glancing through this incredible fighter’s resume is akin to reading a success story of the highest order. Yodsanklai has achieved so much in the sport of Muay Thai that his name is feared around the world.


4) He Has Not Lost A Fight In Over 7 Years

Muay Thai Kick

Yodsanklai has not tasted defeat since he lost to Ukraine’s Artur Kyshenko at Rumble of the Kings in Stockholm, Sweden back in November 2011. Since then, he has racked up a seriously impressive record of 29-0 in all competitions. This is the type of record that demonstrates a fighter has not only just solidified his greatness but continues to evolve and progress at the highest levels.

From the perspective of an opponent, would you feel confident in facing a fighter that has not been beaten by his 29 former opponents? When you consider the caliber of Yodsanklai in addition to this small statistic, it all begins to make sense as to why an opponent would do his best to avoid him altogether.


5) His Legendary Work Rate

An important part of what makes the cream of the crop as outstanding as they are can be found in their work rate. World Champions work harder than others as they must prepare for life knowing that they have a huge target on their back. It is easy to be hungry when climbing the mountain, but it is far more difficult to motivate yourself when you have achieved so much in your sport.

Yodsanklai is an incredibly professional fighter that encapsulates all that there is to be gained by working harder than your opponents. That legendary kick didn’t just find its way to Yodsanklai’s Fairtex gym; the power and force that continues to strike fear into the hearts of other fighters was drilled, over and over again.

Fans of Yodsanklai regularly attend his training sessions in order to catch a glimpse at just how he manages to create such brutal force. For the fighter, he is only happy to show just how far such work can get a fighter.


While most of us will never have to deal with the sheer devastation that occurs when Yodsanklai’s name comes into the mouths of matchmakers, we can all appreciate that this is one fighter we can enjoy watching. As with any sport, the Muay Thai student needs to align themselves with the greatest teachers. Yodsanklai is certainly a great place to start. And luckily for those looking to take their game to the next level and learn secrets from one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters to ever step in the ring, they can sign up for the Yodsanklai Fairtex Muay Thai Bootcamp at Evolve MMA on February 23 and February 24, 2019. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, sign up today!

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  • Photo opportunities with Yodsanklai.

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