6 Fun Things To Do In Little India

Little India is definitely one of  Singapore’s most colorful neighborhoods. From jewel toned saris to earthy, rich smelling spices you’ll find on every street — Little India is certainly a feast for all the senses. A shopper’s and culture fiend’s paradise, Little India is located to the east of the Singapore River, stretching all the way down Serangoon Road.

Today, get your walking shoes ready as Evolve Vacation shares 6 Fun Things To Do In Little India: 

1) Watch a Bollywood movie


If musicals are your thing, then you’re in luck. A typical three-hour Bollywood production has at least six to seven musical numbers and are usually very light-hearted. Often times, Bollywood movies will have several themes : comedy, romance, action, and drama, featuring a strong hero with a beautiful damsel in distress. Head on over to Rex Cinema on 2 Mackenzie Road to satiate your curiosity, but be warned — The Rex can get very packed on weekends!

2) Explore Mustafa Centre


The 24-hour shopping mecca on 24 Syed Alwi Road can get overwhelming, with over 75,000 items spread over 70,000 square feet. It has virtually anything and everything you could ever imagine — from Rolex watches to saffron, a trip to this mall is definitely worth it.

3) Have some Indian food


What is a trip to Little India without having sampled authentic Indian food? Head over to 138 Race Course Road for Muthu’s Curry, hailed by food critics as the best place for Indian Fish Head Curry in Singapore. Although it may seem strange to eat an actual fish head, you’ll be surprised at the amount of meat in Fish Head Curry!

4) Get your culture fix


One of Singapore’s oldest and largest Hindu temples, Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple on 397 Serangoon Road is definitely an attraction that is not to be missed. This historic landmark constructed in the 1800’s is covered with rich sculptural embellishments and an ornate mandapam (pillared pavillion) usually found in temples in India.

5) Go café hopping 


A number of hip cafés have established themselves in Little India. On Rangoon Road, there’s Jewel Café and Bar, serving up traditional café fare and a great selection of coffee. If you’re looking for a place to cool off after a long day shopping under the sun, check out Old Hen Coffee Bar on 88 Rangoon Road for their cold brew coffees.

6) Visit Tekka Market


One of the busiest places in Little India, Tekka Market has the ultimate selection of fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. If you’re tired of the outrageous prices at your local supermarket, Tekka Market is a great alternative — just make sure you haggle! When you’re done shopping, head to the other side of the market for some good old hawker food. A must-try is the biryani at Yakader’s and the duck rice at Heng Gi Goose & Duck Rice.

Whether you’re in Singapore for the weekend or a current resident, Little India should definitely be included in your to-do list this weekend.

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