Visiting Evolve MMA in Singapore

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Your Guide to Singapore

A Guide To Muay Thai Low Kicks

Muay Thai’s unique, refined and complete use of the eight limbs in unarmed combat has brought the ancient art a great amount of respect and attention around the globe. And of all of the limbs utilized in Muay Thai, it...

A Breakdown Of The Chokes In BJJ (Videos)

We’re all familiar with the saying “With great power comes great responsibility". As martial artists armed with technical knowledge, it’s our duty to ensure that we execute submissions with great care, especially during training sessions. For any martial artist who...

How To Combat A Muay Mat Stylist

In the world of Muay Thai, the Muay Mat style is arguably the most beloved style among fans of the ancient art and combat sport. The style relies heavily on punches and low kicks fueled by relentless aggression and forward...

Boxing For Muay Thai

Boxing, or the use of punches, is a crucial part of the feared and respected Art of Eight Limbs. Throughout history, fighters who have shown to have an exceptional boxing ability in the Muay Thai ring have also come to...

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